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Here’s a look at what I wore the other day. We went away for the weekend to the North of France and stayed in a farm house called La Ferme de la Sensee. It is located in a village called Gouy-Sous-Bellone. It was the perfect place to shoot this look.

First of all, I am still loving these thigh high boots, it seems like winter is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s still freezing, which means I still get to wear them for a longer period. 

Today, I teamed them up with a fringed jacket here. I love the combination of these two and how they compliment each other so well. 

 I would swap the thigh boots for ankle ones and throw on a pair of jeans or pants for a more casual look.

You can wear it over anything from a dress, trousers, skirts and so much more. It’s so cosy and chic.

Accessories always add a bit more to an outfit, so I went for this cute tanned handle bag. And to finish off I added sunglasses and a hat, perharps I should have ditched the hat, but I was having one of those hair days!

But, I think I pulled it off in the end. So it was all good! 😉

 See you soon!

fringed jacket fashion
fringed jacket fashion
fringed jacket fashion

Fringed Jacket Fashion



Today’s look is about styling this ruffled polka dot print maxi dress.

I totally adore dresses, they are fun, stylish and you can always get creative with them. The key to wearing them this winter is to play with layers. From layering with a turtle neck, oversized jumper and so much more.

I went with a red Zara knitwear on top of the dress and coloured tights, then topped it up with a leather jacket. For more layers, I added a quilted scarf. It’s giving me a Balenciaga vibe which I love. Hat to give an edgy look and for shoes, these new knee high boots.

This dress is from Asos and it’s actually the first time I’m wearing it. It’s a long sleeve wrap dress and has an open back detailing. I can’t wait to show you guys what it looks like without any layers on. Also, I love how it can work as a skirt too. You wouldn’t have known it was a dress if I didn’t say right?! 😉

Take off the sweater, throw on a pair of red or white ankle boots or heels and you have a whole different look.

I will be styling it again, so stay tuned!

See you soon.


Styling maxi dress winter



The winter wardrobe essential for me is a Turtleneck. I have been wearing a lot of outfit combinations using just that one piece. It’s an easy item to throw on with a pair of jeans and ankle boots. From chunky to thin ones, they are a must have item for winter. There are tones of looks that you can create with that piece, layered under a dress, pantsuit and so much more.

My outfit is pretty much simple but stylish, the checked coat completely transformed the look from basic to chic. Which brings me to one of the most important rules for me to looking stylish in winter. Never have a boring coat, just like a pair of boots. This checked coat is cool and on trend, I love it! Checks are huge this season and it goes all through to spring.

Coat is from the Zara sales. I am not sure if they still have it in stock. But, it’s worth checking in stores that is if you are interested! 😉



Turtleneck outfit




I am really into coloured tights instead of the conventional black ones. It’s a great way to elevate your look in winter.

This orange one is from Calzedonia, I love their look and quality. This works well with the floral dress, a pop of colour is always a great idea.

All you have to do is pick a shade from your dress and go with that, which is what I did here.

You can also wear clashing colours with a neutral dress or skirt. There are numerous fun ways to work this trend into your wardrobe. 

Coloured tights are so in and I am loving it.

Let me know what you guys think.

See you soon! 🙂


Coloured tights dark floral dress