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recap 2017 styles
recap 2017 styles

recap 2017 styles

Hi guys!

Here’s a recap of 2017 styles featuring some of my favourite looks.

Starting with colours, as you might have noticed I love red. Two of my favourite buys from last year were the red thigh high and sock boots from Zara.

When it comes to outerwear, oversized from boxy blazers and coats  

I am also a huge fan of floral dresses especially layered over jeans.

When you know what your personal style is, you work around that regardless of trends and wear what suits you. I wear pieces that are very me and never compromise. ?

Don’t get me wrong, as I do try out other trends but I always stay true to my style.

Accessories play big a part in styling. Sunglasses and statement earrings are a must for me.

Lastly, comfort dressing is always a number one rule in my book. I always make sure to stay chic, but yet comfortable at the same time.

Fashion is fun and the best part of it is making it your own.

What are you favourite styles of 2017? I would love to hear from you guys. 

Thank you all so much for the love and support!

Looking forward to more in 2018!

See you soon! ?




recap 2017 styles
recap 2017 styles
recap 2017 styles
recap 2017 styles
recap 2017 styles
Recap 2017 Styles

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