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Here’s a look at what I wore the other day. We went away for the weekend to the North of France and stayed in a farm house called La Ferme de la Sensee. It is located in a village called Gouy-Sous-Bellone. It was the perfect place to shoot this look.

First of all, I am still loving these thigh high boots, it seems like winter is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s still freezing, which means I still get to wear them for a longer period. 

Today, I teamed them up with a fringed jacket here. I love the combination of these two and how they compliment each other so well. 

 I would swap the thigh boots for ankle ones and throw on a pair of jeans or pants for a more casual look.

You can wear it over anything from a dress, trousers, skirts and so much more. It’s so cosy and chic.

Accessories always add a bit more to an outfit, so I went for this cute tanned handle bag. And to finish off I added sunglasses and a hat, perharps I should have ditched the hat, but I was having one of those hair days!

But, I think I pulled it off in the end. So it was all good! ?

 See you soon!

fringed jacket fashion
fringed jacket fashion
fringed jacket fashion

Fringed Jacket Fashion


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