Polka dots dress summer

polka dots dress summer
polka dots dress summer

So, it’s getting to the summer holidays. Looking for outfit ideas or just some inspiration on what to wear, then check this out. Polka dots are a huge trend right now, it’s one of my favourite prints next to floral and leopard print. You can’t help but love it, it’s a winner. Also, it’s very chic whether in dresses, tops, pants or skirts.

You can never go wrong with them. Wide brim hats are the accessories of the moment and the bigger they are the better. I can’t get enough of them. This a very stylish but yet comfy look that is perfect for summer whether in the city or for a weekend getaway. Also, for picnics and garden parties. The list is endless and that is what I love about this look. It’s an all rounder outfit that will see you through the seasons. You can also wear it in the cooler months with ankle boots.

Let me know what you guys think. See you soon. x



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