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leopard print coat

A Timeless Print
leopard print coat


The number one classic trend has always been the Leopard print.
It never goes out of fashion, the pattern ie the spots and colour might be different in several seasons but the trend has always stayed. It’s been huge and seen on the runways with designers such as Christian Dior, YSL and Isabel Marant. Also, this trend is big on the street style scene, you can never get enough of it and the several variations of prints.
For my look today, I paired a black mom-jeans, frilled sleeves sweater, black choker, and black patent ankle boots.
The highlight of my outfit is this Zara Leopard print coat, hence why I opted for neutral colours. I really love this whole outfit combo, it’s chic, trendy, super cosy, soft and stylish, perfect for a Sunday outing in the city.
Investing in a pair or two wouldn’t be a bad idea. Not sure about a coat? There are several ways to add a touch of print to your outfit, you can opt for a pair of leopard ankle boots, they are chic and look great with jeans or worn with black outfits. Also, a leopard print bag, scarf or even a hair accessory are ways to add a touch of print to your outfit. 
Take a trip down the wild side and try out some Leopard prints!


leopard print coat
leopard print coat
Outfit details
Animal print coat | Zara
Frilled sweater | Zara
Mom-jeans | Topshop
Choker & Sunnies | Riverisland
Boots | Zara


leopard print coat
leopard print coat
leopard print coat
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leopard print coat
leopard print coat
leopard print coat

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