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Wearing metallic pink heels spring  


Street chic in denim and Metallic Pink Heels
Wearing metallic pink heels spring 
 So, I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago to the little town of Ribe, in Denmark with my husband.
Beautiful old town but the weather was not the best.
It was a combination of wind, rain and cold temperatures.
I wanted to take some pictures for the blog but I wasn’t really inspired on the styling part because of the weather conditions.
In the end, I went for a simple basic look.
A combo of high waisted jeans, basic grey T-shirt and leather jacket. 
The highlights of this look are the details. 
I love the colours, pink is the new black.  
These metallic pink heels, the newest addition to my shoe collection and pink pompom earrings.
How gorgeous are the heels? 
Fell in love the moment I saw them.  
They are available in three colours…. metallic pink, blue and silver. I think they have green ones too.
I was caught inbetween the Blue and Pink, but settled for the latter at the end. 
To be honest, I would love to have the blue ones too. 
You can never have too many shoes right!?
Metallics are a huge trend for spring/summer 2017, so you will be seeing a lot of these shiny shoes.






Styling Tips 
Invest in statement accessories to elevate your spring look.
Details you can add include statement earrings, heels, bags, sunglasses, jacket and so much more.
Go for bold colours for a fresh spring/summer look.
You will be amazed how an addition of a coloured pair of earrings can transform a simple outfit.





ZARA €69.95
ZARA €12.95







wearing metallic pink heels spring



I’m Wearing


Jeans – ZARA similar here

T-Shirt & Leather Jacket – ZARA similar here

Heels – ZARA

Earrings – ZARA



wearing metallic pink heels spring style
wearing metallic pink heels spring style with denim


Have a beautiful and fun weekend.
Hopefully the weather will be good wherever you are.
Thanks for stopping by.



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